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Furnishing Forum is the Best Wallpaper store in Bangalore. Decorate your space with our Exquisite and Unique range of wallpaper at the best prices. We offer the latest decorative wallpaper designs for home wallpaper, bedroom wallpaper, kids wallpaper, Kitchen Wallpaper, Botanical Wallpaper, and Metallic Wallpaper in Bangalore.

We are Well-Known Wallpaper dealers in Bangalore, we offer an exciting range of wallpapers for you to choose from to transform your home, offices, retail space, and hotels. We deal with customized wallpapers, imported wallpapers, wall graphics, metallic wallpaper, etc.

Furnishing Forum also provides Cheapest Wallpaper in Bangalore and the collection is really good and is available at very reasonable prices, compared to other wallpaper stores in Bangalore. Being one of the top wallpaper suppliers in Bangalore we at Furnishing Forum can help you with wallpaper selection and installation at discounted rates.

Furnishing Forum is the Best Wallpaper shop in Bangalore. If you want to install the wallpaper by yourself make sure your patterns lineup while placing your wallpaper. It is advised to leave the installation entirely up to industry professionals because installing wallpaper is considered quite a tricky process.

Whether you want modern Designs, colorful florals, or customized patterns, our leading Wallpaper Showroom in Bangalore gives your home a celebration-worthy makeover with our exclusive range of wallpapers. We give free visits and consultations to our customers, helping them with all the information required to make their experience hassle-free.

Call +91 8040930340 to speak to our representative about our full range of luxury Wallpapers.

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Mr Kunal Jalan took it up to himself to ensure that every minute detail was well taken care of from order to delivery. He and his team were well informed and well equipped to provide the quality service they promise. The Furnishing Forum team........

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Rachna Rai
(Founder: Prowess Tree Solution)
Client, Furnishing Forum

It is very important to have Building Insurance, Stock Insurance, Goods in Transit Insurance(Marine Insurance), Group Medical Insurance for employees and Liability Insurance etc. in events of uncertainties, there is protection available. Similarly,..

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Nagaraja Sirigeri
(Director: Karyam Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.™)
Client, Furnishing Forum

At Trip Kraft, we believe in offering our clients a lasting experience for all of their travel escapades. We ensure that from start to end their holiday is memorable. I can confidently recommend M/s Furnishing Forum to anybody wanting to purchase....

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(Proprietor: Trip Kraft)

Corporate Essentials Inc is a corporate gifting company. We had a very specific requirement. Mr Kunal was very good at understanding the need. He provided an excellent cost-effective solution. The team was too super-efficient and professional.......

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Corporate Essential Inc.
Client, Furnishing Forum