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Welcome to Furnishing Forum Your Dream Home Maker

Whatever your style, space and scheme, explore the most recent home furnishing ranges to find the finishing touches for your home. Inject color, warmth and excitement into your living areas with the latest collections of curtains, sofas, mattresses, blinds, wallpapers, wooden flooring, carpets, door mats, draping rods and create your own custom wall stickers. Still looking for creative inspiration? Why not find out more about Furnishing Forum’s home design services.

Getting new home accessories for a bit of a fresh look or buying those home furnishings for the first time is a thrilling and exciting adventure. It’s the way you can infuse your home with a bit of your personality, while making it a welcoming place to always go back to. Thus, it’s really important you find the perfect home furnishings for you as easily and quickly as possible. However, if you are still undecided when it comes to home furnishing, then you will be happy to find plenty of new ideas right here.

We have a strong focus on delivering the best quality home furnishing designs to our customers. Over the years, we have established our self as a trusted commercial furnishing supplier and we take pride in our strong customer base of interior designers and home owners who keep coming back to us.


We aim to spark the imagination, so that our collections will give their owners a sense of putting their own unique stamp on their environment. You never know what is going to spark your imagination when you walk through the door. We want you to experience a place that is always changing and evolving so that we can always give you the best opportunity to find the solutions for your total living approach.

Here you can see the traditional pieces and quality materials that we recycle with modern ideas. That’s how we create you something individual. We blend your desire to look amazing with your need to be functional and relaxed in your own home.

It is a place to stop, look and relax so you can feel what it is like to be in it and live in it. We are there as soon and as much as you need us.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to visit our shop in Jayanagar and Banashankari .

Furnishing Shop in Bangalore

Planning To Revamp Your Space?

Furnishing Forum- While we agree that there is no place like home, you can always put your own spin on space and make it your own. Perhaps you enjoy letting your creativity run wild while giving your home a complete makeover. We are one of Bangalore's most reputable retailers, offering a diverse selection of premium and high-end furnishing fabrics. Furnishing Forum has the most extensive collection of home decor product lines that have been carefully compiled to satisfy every style, decor, and furniture, as well as to amplify the distinctive style of each space. We have a huge variety of products for every room in your house. This really is Bangalore's best furnishing showroom for buying the most beautiful curtains, window shades, mattresses, wallpaper, upholstery, Etc.

Jazz Up Your Space with The Best Home Furnishing Shop in Bangalore

Do you live in Bangalore, India's "Garden City"? Want to hide the flaws of the rooms while keeping it look new for everyone? Furnishing forum is the best home decor store in Bangalore for any of your Home Furnishing needs. It contains a collection of items that can brighten up your space and add new eye-catching appeal. A store that sells well-designed cushion covers, wall decorations, Curtains, and other items all in one location. Our fashionable items can quickly transform any home. So, Check Out our website and take advantage of exciting discounts on Home Decor Items in Bangalore!

Schedule a free consultation from Furnishing Forum and we'll bring the best decor options to you!



We offer standard Soft Furnishing Services which include made-to-measure curtains, blinds, mattresses and other soft furnishing accessories. All our work is seperately hand-finished to a high quality.



At Furnishing Forum, we understand that each person is different and so is the taste and choice. We have a team of dedicated and well-versed tailors and craftsmen.


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Mr Kunal Jalan took it up to himself to ensure that every minute detail was well taken care of from order to delivery. He and his team were well informed and well equipped to provide the quality service they promise. The Furnishing Forum team........

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Rachna Rai
(Founder: Prowess Tree Solution)
Client, Furnishing Forum

It is very important to have Building Insurance, Stock Insurance, Goods in Transit Insurance(Marine Insurance), Group Medical Insurance for employees and Liability Insurance etc. in events of uncertainties, there is protection available. Similarly,..

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Nagaraja Sirigeri
(Director: Karyam Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.™)
Client, Furnishing Forum

At Trip Kraft, we believe in offering our clients a lasting experience for all of their travel escapades. We ensure that from start to end their holiday is memorable. I can confidently recommend M/s Furnishing Forum to anybody wanting to purchase....

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(Proprietor: Trip Kraft)

Corporate Essentials Inc is a corporate gifting company. We had a very specific requirement. Mr Kunal was very good at understanding the need. He provided an excellent cost-effective solution. The team was too super-efficient and professional.......

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Corporate Essential Inc.
Client, Furnishing Forum


1. What kinds of home decor items can I expect to find at the Furnishing Forum?

The Furnishing Forum in Bangalore helps you with all Home decoration items & accessories. Our Clients can buy Curtains, Mattresses, Blinds, Wallpaper, Upholstery, Customized sofas, Wooden Flooring, Carpets, Bed Linen, Draping Rods, Door Mats, etc.

2. What are the working hours of the Furnishing Forum Showroom in Bangalore?

One of the things that make us unique is that we work on all Holidays and are open 7 Days a Week to help people find that perfect thing for their Home & Office. The timings are Saturday to Sunday Saturday 10:30 am–9 pm. You can fill out a form and request a call back 24x7 through our website: furnishingforum.com

3. Where can I find a Furnishing Forum Store in Bangalore?

Our Store: #236/237, 11th Main Road, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041 | Website: furnishingforum.com | Contact Us ( Call: +91 8040930340/ Whatsapp: +91 9748749214 )

4. Do you customize the designs we choose?

Furnishing Forum customizes every item you choose as per your needs whether it's curtains, wallpapers, or any home decor item.

5. Do you provide Curtains installation services in Bangalore?

Yes, we do the Installation of Curtains if you buy curtains from us and also provide all measurement requirements for your space!

6. What if I want to decorate my whole house?

We would be happy to create a custom quote for you to create a customized Interior Decoration for your whole space with the help of our Expert Professionals. Just email us at furnishing forum[at]gmail.com for a quote OR Contact Us ( Call: +91 8040930340/ Whatsapp: +91 9748749214 )

7. How long does it take to have my room decorated in Bangalore?

Our Expert Professionals will have your room designed for you within 5 to 7 business days.

8. How do you get the measurements for the room in Bangalore?

We at Furnishing Forum will send our professionals for the measurement at your place in Bangalore.

9. Do you send your executive with catalogs at home in Bangalore?

Yes, we send our executive with the Best Home decor catalogs to your place in Bangalore. We provide catalogs for all Home Decor Items like Curtains, Mattresses, Customized Sofas, Etc

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